Support Coordination/Specialist Support Coordination

Our Services

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination

Hope Circle offer both support coordination and specialist support coordination. The services include:

  • Providing support coordination within a specialist framework
  • Working in partnership with participants, family members and significant stakeholders and services providers
  • Identifying and addressing any imminent or/and ongoing risk issues
  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and implementation plan
  • Providing intensive case management support
  • Conducting an initial crisis assessment
  • Coordinating service responses including emergency services, mainstream services and funded NDIS support that build capacity and resiliency and reduces the need for intensive supports
  • Facilitating therapeutic supports
  • Overseeing the implementation of a participant’s NDIA plan including monitoring the spend and quality of service provision
  • Addressing complex disability related needs that may require extensive liaison with services
  • Exploring and sourcing an appropriate services/support to address a participant’s individual support needs
  • Providing a comprehensive written report including making a referral, writing a progress report to NDIS
  • Building and maintaining strong connection with NDIA and relevant government and non-government agencies to reflect and address a participant’s needs
  • Providing exploring housing options including gathering relevant assessment reports and liaising with NDIA and service providers in the process of Supported Independent Living (SIL) application.

Participants can utilise the support coordination or/and specialist support coordination funding in their plan to access this service.


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