Short Term Accommodation

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Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation (previously called respite) to provide 24×7 support services for people with a disability when their family members or carers are away for a short period. Hope Circle offers various types of 24×7 support, including :

  • 24×7 help in your house
  • Centre based 24×7 support
  • Selected days of 24×7 support
  • Holiday based 24×7 support and
  • Emergency 24×7 support

Please contact us for a further discussion regarding your respite support needs and support plan in line with the outlined NDIS goals. 

Participants can utilize the core support funding in their plan to access this service. 


Our team can come to you to discuss face to face your needs and discuss how we can best support you to achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.